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poor school performance

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mother of lew zheng quan

2019 Review

He has a very good improvement in communication towards his families & friends now. Overall after the training, he improves in memory, focus & attention as compared to before joining the program.

mother of jin hao

2018 Review

After attending the training, we can see some improvement in Jin Hao in terms of his memory, speed in processing, doing his homework faster & he is more observant. Thank you for the training.

father of Jia wei

2017 Review

We do see these's some overall slight improvement in Jia Wei for the pass few months. Academic results have slight progress, but got to determine the final result. Attention to details during her tuition 1 : 1 session is getting better, probably listening skills may have helped. 

student   Chua Shen yit

2016 Review

I found out that I can focus better in my studies in class. Also, doing two things at the same time seems more easier than before. 

confidence & chinese

visual & communication skills

mother of lee kai yii

2019 Review

I see improvement in her but would still need to observe her more for changes. She shared that she likes to attend the classes & feels like going through challenge every lessons. It is a great learning sessions to improve her daily skills.

mother of zhi hao

2018 review

Can see Zhi Hao improve drastically in learning abilities & responses to questions & willing to try & answer. He is happier now either in school or at home. More confidence to make new friends & communicate without fear.

father of yik seng

2017 Review

I am very happy that my son improved with his self-confident, more attentive. His things is more organised compared to before. 

 Audis ewe

2016 Review

Focus longer during lesson time. I won't get distracted easily. I won't get panic during examination. Improved academically. I had learn some different study methods such as Visualization skills. I am more confident now.

lack of focus & spelling difficulties

Poor exam results

father of dominic ng

2019 Review

Dominic was a slow learner. Until standard 1, he was still struggling with ABC & 123. In standard 2, he fails most of his school exam & he was not able to absorb what was being taught. After this program, he is more confidence & able to learn & understand better in school. 

mother of qi heng

2018 review

Coach & stand are friendly & helpful. My son is happy with the training & miss the coach. Fast response for parent's question. 

father of lochana

2017 Review

She has changed in way that she is able to remember her works & complete them. She does remember her school homework too. She has improved in solving her mathematics quite easily now.

mother of yugentirah

2016 Review

Ny son used to have poor performance in Mathematics & less attentive. After four months training, he Is improved very much & recently he got the best improvement award in school. 

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