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We have a range of unique programs that are suited to various clients' needs.

Give your child the perfect head start in learning

Give your child the perfect head start in learning

At WellRx, we believe everyone deserves the chance for a bright future. WellRx strives to build and strengthen the missing developmental components to set each person up for success by working to address the root cause of these struggles.

This includes sensory engagement, core muscle strength and coordination, eye tracking, auditory processing, academic exercises, and parental guidance.


These program components, when combined, focus on strengthening weaker areas of the brain. 


The balanced brain allows for the development of skills and tools necessary to function at a higher level. Our personalized in-center sessions, at-home activities and nutrition program work together to bolster this development.

Our most popular program; a comprehensive cognitive training program addressing the 7 core cognitive skills that make up IQ.


ReadRx is the most successful and powerful reading program in the world. It helps learners develop word attack, learn the rules of reading, writing and spelling.


Give your child the perfect head start in learning

Build a solid foundation in reading & writing

Strengthen cognitive skills to perform better at school and at work


one-on-one classes

Our early years/ early intervention program addressing the foundational skills that pre-requisites to effective learning.

Suitable for learners aged 4.5 and above.


The test helps in Identifying weaknesses is the first step to targeting and strengthening those weaknesses, which our intervention programs does.



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