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Learning Skills Screening

Age 5-15

Seeing your child not performing as expected In school can be dissapointing at times. 


Have you wondered why online school learning is proving so challenging for your child?

"Free Learning Skills Screener will help you find out what can stop holding your child back in term of their performances."

Research has shown that 80% of all learning struggles can be attributed to weaknesses in cognitive skills.


Cognitive skills are the fundamental learning skills we use every day to learn, to remember, and to focus.


Learning skills such as attention, memory, logic & reasoning are working together for optimum learning. Weakness in just a single skill can cause a chain reaction that has a negative impact on a child's entire learning experience.  

Tired of thinking what's holding you child back?

Take our  FREE and no commitment Learning Skills Screening that helps answer your questions once and for all.

Learning Skills Screener 


Learning skills screener is now offered as a FREE Screening tool to benefit your child to discover his overall learning skills strengths and weaknesses.

Parents/Guardians needs to answer a set of questions.

Your child does not need to be here with you.

Duration: About 10 minutes

Results: Available in 2-3 days  

Don't wait anymore !



Your child's has unlimited

 potential to deserve better performance !

Get The FREE Screening Test now !

Man Using Smart Tablet

Learning Skills Screening


To screen the general learning skills of a child from age 5-15

From:  FREE

RM 180

Thanks for submitting!


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